An Online Weather Education Resource for both Teachers and Students of Grade Levels 6-12      


by Andy Johnson, Maj., USAFR (Retired Hurricane Hunter)



This is a non-profit weather information website based in Waukee, IA. I am a retired meteorologist of 28 years that included 22 years as a  Hurricane Hunter.  I have logged more than 3000 hours flying into hurricanes as an Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer.  I directed flights into 24 hurricanes the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, the eastern Pacific Ocean, and the Central Pacific.


I designed this web site to answer a need I saw in weather science education at the middle and secondary levels of our public schools.  I discovered that our public educational system treats the science of meteorology as not being very important.  In fact, most students at this level spend more time disecting frogs and insects than they do cold fronts and thunderstorms.  The reality is that, in spite of the fact weather affects everyone and thousands perish each year from its hazards, not many know very much about how weather and climate work.  Most science teachers have little to no formal training in meteorology and spend much time learning it themselves.   Aside from being an air crew instructor and flight examiner in the Air Force Reserve, I have had no formal training in education. In this endeavor, I lean heavily on the experiences of the teachers I have worked with.  I hope that this web site helps to fill that need.

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